we surely would've been in deeper trouble..........

had we found out we were expecting a baby girl.
I remember the day we found out that we were expecting a boy.
Boy oh boy were we ecstatic!
and we promptly went to pick out an outfit for our Graeme Clarke.
And the first thing we did inside the store was stop and look at all of the cute girl clothes.
We just laughed at ourselves and then I think our bank account called and promptly thanked us for expecting Graeme instead of Wren!
I mean, not that there are not wonderful things out there for boys,
but seriously, there seems to be a shocking lack of acceptable boy clothing when compared to the insurmountable quantities for sweet baby girls.
oh, my point in this post?
I get to meet a dear friend's baby this week!
{well, I say meet.......
my friend is due in April}
And these shoes were a must for sweet baby Haley...............


  1. Those shoes are SOOOO cute!!!!! I want to paint something from that inspiration!

  2. I have always loved the name Wren, but that kinda changed when I married someone with the last name Byrd!!! :)

  3. Oh, wow. Those are adorable!

  4. a-men.

    I have noticed how much more "girly" I have become since the house is filled with boys.
    I still have a small stash of irresistible baby girl things...in case...some day...

    wren. how adorably cute.

    those shoes......just stick a cherry on top and I could eat them...along with the toes inside!

  5. Abi--that is hysterical! yes....guess Wren Byrd would be pretty funny;-)

    Erin--ah, another way we are kindred spirits;-) stashing away girly things just in case;-) Oh, and I thought it was funny that you mentioned a cherry on top because the name of the shoes is "peonies in cherry maryjanes" ;-)

  6. So true, and I've also found that I can buy cheap cheap cheap clothes for Will that look really cute on him....the girls, not so much. But, boy toys are really expensive so I think it all kind of evens out :)

  7. Britt--I think you are absolutely right....
    and, I want to know where you shop for Will, because he always looks adorable in the pictures you post!

  8. i bought a pattern on etsy to make these for my sweet little Liv! I, too, am grateful that we were blessed with 2 boys before our little girl! Oh! The shopping and accessories!


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