Yes I did just take down my Christmas wreath yesterday.

But let me be clear:
I took down the Christmas wreath [that hung on the outside of my door] on New Year's Day.
However, I also had a wreath hanging on the inside of my door
and it had the distinct privilege of hanging up until yesterday.
Because yesterday I finally decided to bring out the glue gun, the dried moss, the newspaper, and the styrofoam frame.
I told myself I had 30 minutes.
I love my new wreath.
My husband however came home and asked me if it was completely finished.
[If you know me, and you know my husband, you probably are dying laughing right now.]

Of course it is finished! ;-)


  1. That is FABULOUS! I want to make one!!

  2. justin, jake and jenna's mom7:24 AM

    My Christmas wreath is still up!!! hee hee! I keep forgetting b/c we don't go out of the front door that often. It still looks pretty good though, the needles aren't falling out very much :)

  3. Well that's pretty fun!

  4. Anonymous9:05 PM

    nice post. thanks.

  5. p.s.
    Tim just took ours down today. He said it had to come down.

  6. thanks everyone!

    And Katie, that is hilarious!

  7. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Love your husband's question-----ask Barb about my question to her on her furniture!! :) I think Steve and I have something in common....Tessa Barron

  8. I love it too. When I saw it on my way in the other night, I said to myself "what a cool wreath!"


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