3 photographs that I'm loving today

1. never knew Starbucks had valentine's day cups. love them and the friend that I shared coffee/tea with this morning
2. sweet treat from my sister Barb.
my necklace is around my neck as I type.
I only *wish* I would've escaped the rain storm on my walk back from Trader Joe's today.............
[good memories]
3. this one really needs no explanation.
although, g-baby, *splain* yo'sef.......
where's that smile of yours? ? ?


  1. awwww....love it!

    I recognize g baby's outfit:)......so precious......


  2. Yes, we went by Starbucks the other day and I was so surprised to see the Valentine's Day cups, too! Very cute. Very cute picture of your Mom and Graeme, too :)

  3. I enjoyed my heart cup the other day too. The necklace is very fun.

  4. Barb--I know...
    can you believe it still fits him???

    Amy & Katie--those cups just made my day! ;-) loving my necklace!


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