and we're off!

we're off to see lots of family
we wish you a happy week!
[and seriously, mom, you could fit in a lot more of my toys if you would leave these chew toys out of the suitcase!]


  1. Have a nice vacation. I'm sure Graeme will be well supplied with toys and lovin'. We'll miss all of you!

  2. if you are going to south carolina...i am going to be there for a week {Mar 1-9}. i'd love to get together for a short little visit if you have time to squeeze it in around everyone else you are planning to see!!
    if not, i'll just be happy knowing that cute chubby boy was in close proximity to where we will be :)

  3. aww! I didn't know Lily Noelle makes teething rings. :-)

  4. Linda--
    I didn't know you have a blog!?? Why didn't I know this??? Graeme will miss hugging you on Sunday;-)

    YES! Definitely! Let's get together--that would be awesome! Do you have my new cell number? I don't think I have yours....I'll fb you with mine. We'll be in Greenville until next Thursday. Can't wait to see ya!

    Lacie--everything goes in the mouth these days! ;-) He grabbed that necklace before I could say boo;-) I did rescue it after I took the picture;-)

  5. your little man is a cutie sarah! hope you have a great trip. from the looks of those pics i think i need to start wearing jewerly so my kids always have something to play with. :)

  6. have to admit a bit...ok, a lot...of jealousy over here for so many "mom" visits & that jewelry. not good...for me. but so. so. so. happy for you! :)

  7. I hope you guys are having a blast and that Graeme is lovin this fun trip!!!


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