Happy Valentine's Day from our heart-breaker, our little motor-cycle man, our sweet boy who just couldn't quite concentrate in this photo-shoot.......

It all started with one. little. look.
And mommy knew it was over.
She knew the camera lost
and the shirt won.
His attention would never be regained.
He had spotted something so amazing and now,
his smiles and attention would be lost forever.
Well, for the entire photo-shoot anyway......
And so, mommy decided to keep snapping anyway,
to see if any silly shots could be captured...............

it's nappy time!


  1. the belly.
    the hair.
    the tongue.
    love it!

    is that drool making any progress with signs of teeth yet?

    curious: how much does G weigh? Caiden is just under 16lbs....and I can't quite tell how he and G compare.

  2. hi friend!
    I would love to say that we are making progress in the teeth area, but I haven't felt any yet.

    Although, he is tremendously enjoying biting on our fingers [and other things!!!!] these days! ;-) so, I would imagine, it would have to be soon;-) hopefully. ;-)

    you doin' okay?

    I think G is right at 15 lbs...but he has his 5mo. appt. next monday and I'll let you know his stats. How tall is mister Caid? Graeme is such a shorty! ;-)

  3. *sw0on*.. what a cutie!

    Lovely blog!

  4. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I absolutely love this progression of pictures!


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