Have you been Po'shined?

Well, we certainly have been!
[Po'shined, that is.]
I have to say,
this contemporary soul food made me all happy up in he'ya!
fo shizzle!
And Granna and Graeme had a delightful time sharing smiles.....
And does that hibiscus tea not look completely lovely?
I only wish I liked tea........
[Steve did thoroughly enjoy it though!]
Come visit me and I'll make sure you get Po'shined................


  1. Oh, your pictures are sooo good! This place looks excellent!

  2. can i come visit you and get taken to po'shined too? =D

  3. man it looks awesome! LOve the photos!

    graeme and granna are so sweet!


  4. justin, jake and jenna's mom4:38 PM

    Looks fun and yummy to me!

    graeme's hair looks so light sometimes, but then other times it looks like he's going to be darker haired....kinda tricky, but a cutie :)

  5. cracking up at sweet Sarah Branine saying... ' fo shizzle'...can it be on this oh so adorable blog? This place must be good!

  6. That looks so yummy and I Granna looks like she's havin' a great time - enjoy!

  7. so, are you now working for a magazine with that new camera??? you are out of control! :) and, not so ironically, my caiden has that.same.outift. probably wore it the same day as G. Love dwell! :)

  8. that place does look amazing!! we are waiting for the weather to warm up to try "big mama's house of soul". :)


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