on the to do list for today

My little porch is calling my name this morning.
It is a bright, beautiful day here in the northwest..........
the bottom picture is of the flowers my darling brought to me for Valentine's day.
they are still beautiful one week later!
I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day......
I have a funny to share concerning Valentine's day.
So, I made a little trip to Target in search of the perfect card for my valentine.
[I love getting my cards at Target--they have wonderful choices.
I'm sorry, after discovering Target's card selection,
Hallmark is usually only good for stories like this]
I first made a visit to the women's clothing section and as I was passing by the sweaters,
I noticed a card lying there, and it looked like a good one;-)
I read it.
And read it again.
It was the one.
But how funny that I should find it in the sweater section of Target!
I decided to head over to the cards to see if another caught my eye more.......
and I couldn't find one that I liked better.
So after Steve opened his card, I told on myself,
and we had a good laugh.
Anywho, I'm rambling.
Time to get off here and enjoy this delicious day!


  1. February flowers in the house:::splendid idea!

  2. aw, thanks!
    I still need to plant them....
    they were on yesterday's to do list!


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