pajamas from Singapore

actually, to be quite honest,
I am amazed these petite pjs [that Granna brought back from Singapore] fit our chunky monkey!
Asians, in general, seem to have such petite, beautiful babies and their clothes are so teeny-tiny.
I remember when I traveled to Singapore with my parents, I always felt like I was humongous compared to the girls my age.
Then again, I did lose 14 lbs in one week during one of those trips.
[It actually was during the leg of our trip in India.....I lived on peanut butter and bread that week and also got sick a few times.]

Anywho, please remember my parents as they will be traveling to, well, "like such as in South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as"...............

oh, I kid.
Seriously, they are off to Israel.
You know, that really. safe. place. right. about. now.

Sovereignty. Think on God's Sovereignty.
Mom, stop reading this post.

Signing off.........


  1. When I was first reading this, I was thinking, "what is she saying, she must be typing with one hand or something" ...then i burst out laughing :) I so wish I could have met you in person when you lived here, you have such a great sense of humor :)

  2. Hi Sarah!

    I've been enjoying your blog for months now (since about when Graeme was born) but am finally commenting! ;) Grandmom mentioned yesterday that your parents were headed to Israel...I'll be praying for their safety. Dwight's going this summer, Lord-willing, and I know I'll be thinking much on God's sovereignty then. How good to know Him and know we can trust Him!

    Oh, I just have to say you get the BEST photos of Graeme! He's so photogenic and your photography skills are A-MAZ-ING. I've always used a point and shoot - don't know anything about photography - but your photos are inspiring me to learn. :D

  3. Graeme is so CUTE! He looks darling in those new pjs!

    Your parents sound like quite the traveling duo! That is so wonderful. xo

  4. Stephanie,
    I wish we could've met too!
    Guess you'll just have to come to the northwest for a visit! ;-)

    Kristin-hi! thanks so much for keeping my parents in prayer. I am just a little nervous about this'll have to let me know when Dwight is going so I can remember to pray for him. And you! ;-)

    You're so sweet about my pictures. Really, it's my camera. We just made the plunge a few months ago and bought our Nikon. We love it and wished we could've bought it sooner. It was one of those purchases we saved and saved for......and will never regret it, I dare say;-)

    We should get together when I come to Greenville next week! Bring your camera! ;-)

    Erin--isn't G so chunky! ;-) Yes--I am so thankful for traveling parents are everywhere! ;-)


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