*refreshing and a blog break

healthy living

loving my time with my sister,
soaking it all in!
my sweet husband arrives tomorrow, yay!
And, my parents arrive back from Israel tomorrow as well.....
please pray for their flight as Newark airport is currently closed and their flight has been delayed!
My brother's family arrives from North Carolina tomorrow as well--
so mister Graemie will have lots of attention
{and has had!}
so excited, my brother-in-law is helping me with my blog design today!
have a happy week......
I'm taking a blog break until the week after next. I think.
wink, wink*


  1. I love the look already! HUGE photos...are great!
    Will be praying for your parents! I remember those feelings from a year ago when John took his first trip to Israel. Will pray the weather stays clear out here for the arrival. Enjoy your break....no guilt!!!! ;)

  2. hey you!
    thanks for praying for my parents....
    I know my mom is especially nervous;-(

    My friend Aubrie actually helped me get my photo's biggized;-)
    but I'll be keeping Jonny boy busy with making my blog a little bit spiffier.
    can't wait!
    He's so talented!!!

  3. hope you have a wonderful trip! probably won't be too relaxing, but hope you have fun. :)

  4. ooooo la la! can't wait to see the new do! :) enjoy your family immensely.

  5. I like the new look- and I am happy to see you figured out a way to post larger images and still keep your template you like! yay.

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