*the very best finds find me..............

I was in my favorite Goodwill shop a few days ago and was paying the cashier for my find when another cashier plunked down this flour container on the counter and asked my cashier to put it away for her.

I said, "oh my. I love that."
"You can have it for $0.99."
"I'll take it!"

Since I've recently fallen in love with whole wheat pastry flour, I needed an extra container.......
and, well, it seems this little container found me.
I. Love. It.

I also enjoyed baking a few treats on Sunday evening.........
[thank you to my lovely sweetheart for my new pastry mat too.
it is charming, just like my valentine;-)]


  1. Yea for healthy baking and our tools that promote it!! Enjoy!

  2. Drew, my oldest, is sitting next to me. This is how our little conversation just went:
    [D-drew E-erin]

    D-Is that Caid? [looking at the side pic of G]

    E-No, it's a baby boy who was born just one week before Caid, though. He lives in Oregon. It's like their little pen pals...blog pals.

    D-Oh. He lives in an orphanage?

    E-no, honey. He lives in Oregon. The state above California on the west side of the United States.

    D-Oh. I thought you said orphanage! What's his name?


    D-Graeme? Like graham cracker? He even looks like a graham cracker! huh. He is such a little grahamy cracker. I could even eat him for my lunch! heh. heh. heh.

    [for real. hope that gave you a good laugh!] :)

  3. Bethany--that's right! ;-)

    Erin--I love him! how cute;-) It definitely gave me a good laugh....poor Graeme, I see the nick-name "Graeme cracker" in his future;-)

  4. Flashback: my mom had those Tupperware containers :). Can't recall the color though - gold or brown with that same swirly design.

  5. that's funny Sue--Steve said kind of the same thing when he saw it. His mom had the gold ones;-)

  6. Oh I love it!

    Wheat pastry flour really is the best! Your photos are LOVELY! xo

  7. thank you Erin--thanks for stopping by. And yes, I have quickly fallen in love with whole wheat pastry flour....I need to be much. more. healthy! But we are trying........

    thanks for your sweet comment about my photos. I learned everything I know about photography from Barb;-)


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