what? ? ?

Granna isn't here anymore,
I'm 5 months old today,
and I have slobber hanging from my chin?
Say it isn't so!
I think I need a nappy.....


  1. oh. my. goodness.

    you have the cutest kid. that last picture of him has baby photo contest winner all over it.


    with such a cute kid, i hope that there will be more at some point! ; )

  2. I think I've seen more pics of him without clothes than with. I hope your house is warm. hahaha. :)

  3. Oh Man....I cannot believe his rolls...he is way too funny!

  4. oh. my. word.

    he is a dream....can't wait to squeeze him in a little bit!


  5. thanks friends!
    Nina--I wouldn't be sad in the least if I found out today that I was expecting again.....I'm not.....but I would love it;-)

    Kelly--seriously! Our little apt. does stay warm--probably because we are sandwiched between the 1st and 3rd floor...but don't worry, I put clothes on our boy! {My dad thinks he is always walking around in a diaper! ;-)}

    Barb--he can't wait to squeeze you too;-)


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