*how exactly did we get here? ? ?

six sweet months ago, to the day, we first laid eyes on our Graeme Clarke
how is it that six, yes, 6! whole! months! have gone by already.........
I already have little ideas going through my head for the big #1 party
Good thing too, because it will be here before we know it!
happy 6 months to our lovely little one......
how thankful we are for you, Graeme!


  1. Love the pictures! It sure is amazing how times flies. You sure have a cute 6 month old!

  2. Happy six months, Baby Graeme!!

  3. This journey of parenthood is so amazing and something you can never imagine or describe until you do it! We are so blessed to be mommy and daddy to these little people! You are doing a good job at enjoying each moment and capturing the little things that matter most. enjoy...

  4. You are just too "kissable" little boy!

  5. so sweet. be warned - the next 6 months may go by even faster. :) we need some details on what little g-baby is up to these days, besides road-tripping around the country!!

  6. justin, jake and jenna's mom7:22 PM

    Happy 6 month birthday, Graeme!! He looks soooo different from his birth picture :)) Too cute!

  7. was thinking about you on this day....cannot believe it either!? you've been on a thrilling-never-ending ride! This friday caiden turns 6 mo.s and our oldest, Drew, turns 6. Talk about crazy!!!!

  8. thank you so much friends! It has been a wonderful journey so far! I am thoroughly enjoying mommying my sweet Graeme-boy!

  9. you are scrumptious .....sweet little graeme! aunt barbie loves you sooooooo much!



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