It's time.

It's time for the highchair and all things messy.
This was my highchair when I was a baby and I. Love. It.
Graeme thoroughly enjoyed himself until he realized that his food was gone,
as you can clearly see in the photograph.
Graeme started cereal about 2 months ago,
and quickly fell in love.
[Well, as we all know, Graeme loves food.]
This past week, I introduced him to the wonderful world of sweet potatoes.
Again, not that we were surprised, Graeme obligingly gobbled it right down with a giggle............
Let's hope he is just as happy as we round the corner to green vegetables!


  1. What great pictures, Sarah! Micah was the same way about food...he still is! And thankfully, we really haven't found much he doesn't like to eat. Makes life so much easier. Hopefully Graeme will love those green veggies as much as everything else!! :)

  2. love that chair. did you recover it or was it that adorable 20+ years ago? he is so neat! I had to strip caiden down to nothing after his first try with the cereal! and he also had 2nd helpings...

    p.s. I just watched you video you posted on fb where Stephen is tickling Graeme, and it was the first time I heard your voice. Funny. I never thought about it before but it's like you feel like you know someone, but there are certain aspects you only get to know while in person....and that was one of those moments. So know I feel one step closer! :)

  3. LOVE the highchair!! What fun to have that to use!

  4. Great chair and great pictures of that cutie :) Graeme, I cry, too, sometimes when my food is gone :)

  5. Such cute pics, Sarah!! I'm laughing outloud right now though as I see the beautiful glass bowl that you're feeding him out of. :) My poor girls are lucky to get clean plastic bowls. :)

  6. Love the high chair and the cute little one in it. I also love your "bowl." I never think of using a tea cup, but I'm sure the handle makes life a little easier.

    Thought I'd let you know that I saw the video of you guys on facebook and it made me miss you! I'm really wanting to head down to Portland and visit ya'll sometime. (Some year it will actually happen! = ) )

  7. that vintage high chair is SO adorable. does that make you feel old to say your high chair is vintage? :) :)
    won't you be sad when he grows out of that adorable stripy?? I always hate to pack certain clothes away!
    graeme is definitely eating out of more elegant dishes than any other child, no doubt. I do love the idea of having a handle though! you're such a smarty. :)

  8. I forgot how cool that highchair was!! Love that mod print!.....and the photos of him to pieces......



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