Kentucky at sunset

Let me just say,
Kentucky is absolutely beautiful.
I would have been more than happy to stop for a few days and soak up it's beauty,
had we not been zipping through on our way to Indiana.
But seriously,
between the horses,
the old glorious barns,
and this incredible sunset,
I found myself falling in love with Kentucky..........


  1. we wish you would have stopped too! now you can drop in on us in CO!

  2. Chad,
    do not even tell me that you guys were in Kentucky when we drove through......

    I had just read something on your fb wall the day before that made me think you guys were already on your way to Co.....
    and speaking of Co, our layover was in Denver on our way home--it was just an hour, otherwise we would have called you guys to get together!

    I wish our trip through Kentucky would have been one week earlier--we so need to meet mister Breck!

  3. thanks Barbie! missyoutons!


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