oh my dear

you'll have to pardon my multitude of posts over the next few weeks. . .
we have a lot of vacation pictures to share and I thought I would start with this little series of Graeme and his second cousin Aydelyn.
I love the progression of these pictures. . . .
from them meeting each other,
to Graeme noticing Aydelyn's bow,
to my son being naughty and stealing Aydelyn's bow,
[complete with snapping her headband against her poor little head when he was finally successful at getting the bow]
and eating it.
I'm so sorry sweet little girl!
We'll work on Graeme's manners for next time, *wink wink.


  1. Oh, Sarah, these are adorable!

  2. she doesn't seem to mind. and he was eyeing that bow from the beginning!

  3. Those pictures are absolutely precious!!

    Your hair looks great, by the way!

  4. I love seeing little ones interact with each other. They are never sure what to do. But that totally sounds like something my graham would do. :) cute hair-do too!!! I am dying to go short and I think I just about have Andrew convinced to let me. :)

  5. Brynne was glad to see this is a second cousin...she was a little jealous :)

  6. Oh my word - they are so adorable! They look a lot alike too!

  7. wow- those are two beautiful babies!!

  8. Great pictures Sarah! Your mom said Aydelyn sort of reminded her of Annabelle...I think it's their bald heads. :) I love her hairbow!!! I just ordered Annabelle some new ones...can't wait til they come! Oh, I think you may know the person making them...do you know Shyla?

  9. thanks pals!
    we think these two are pretty adorable!;-)
    Ginny, I do know Shyla--yay for new hair bows for Annabelle! ;-)

  10. oh these pictures are wonderful! I'm really enjoying all the pictures you've taken with that new camera of yours.

    We were sick the entire month of Feb., so I'm trying to get all caught up on my favorite blogs. I can see that I'm waaaaaaay behind here. Graeme looks so much older than the last time I checked in!


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