well, you can't accuse him of not being well fed.
that is for sure.
and we certainly can't associate him with grumpiness.
no ma'am.
we had to put G-baby's 6 mo. appointment off for a few weeks, due to traveling, but come Monday I will be able to update you with just exactly how chubby our little guy is...........
And my, that mohawk is getting taller by the day.
And do remind me never to pose like this for pictures of my self..........
goodness, I believe the pose added an extra chin!
then again, extra chins are pretty common around this household!
happy weekend to you friends!


  1. it hurts.....because its so cute! Chubby Bubby Graeme is painfully cute!!!! hugs!

  2. Anonymous10:57 AM

    VERY cute....oh my goodness is right...


  3. yummy baby.....wish I could kiss those cheeks today! :)

  4. Can I squish him? And kiss him?


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