Reading Material

myhowtheychange once you have children!
on a recent trip to a friend's house,
I couldn't resist snapping a photograph of her bathroom reading material.
the combo gave me a few giggles!
hope this gave you some monday medicine!


  1. I think it's funny that the author's name sounds like know what! ;)

    any teethies yet in that household? Caid just cut his bottom 2 on the same day. But we have friends with a little girl who just turned one and finally cut her first tooth. crazy! :) drool away!!!

  2. hahaha! Erin, I thought the same thing, my friend......just another way we think alike, lol!

    no teethies yet--but so much slobber! Please tell me they are coming soon?! Wow! good for mister C--two birds with one stone! ;-) [I do hope G finds teeth before 1 year!] ;-)

  3. The gas we pass is hilarious!!! My father has the book and I crack up every time I read it!


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