self control + facebook

I've thought a lot about facebook over the last few months. I even told myself, and announced it on my page, that I was leaving the facebook world.

Steve is my voice of reason, and he has been pretty much since hello. He encouraged me to just limit my time on facebook, since it is, unquestionably, a wonderful connect to others in so many ways. Well, that worked for about 1 hour. Seriously. Then I decided that I would put the mac in G-baby's room during his naps, which greatly limited my time on-line. Because, hello, nobody wakes up a sleeping baby!

But I still found myself wasting too much time in between Graeme's naps. And I knew in my heart that it was more than a time issue. It was a heart issue. I was valuing getting the latest and sharing my latest and greatest over other important things. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy keeping up with everyone. But for me, I knew I had to take it to the next level.

This week, I finally asked Steve to change my password. Which, by the way, was his idea in the first place. See? I need to listen to my husband more. If I did, we [read: he] would not have had to paint the hallway at 6 Gillis four times..................

So, last night when Steve came home from work, he looked at me and said, "Do you want your password?" I said yes, and Steve entered my password for me and up came my 300+ "latest news" posts. And you know what? There was a handful of important things; literally, maybe 5 things that caught my interest or required a response from me.

I'm not exactly sure this post has made sense. [Most likely you can smell the Nyquil through the computer screen. Slight cold/allergy issues going on over here.] It's simply the unraveling of my facebook saga. But it made a bit more sense to me when I came across this post. Because as I seek to teach Graeme the values of self-control, it has to be real. And it starts here, with my example.

baby steps.


  1. That girl talk post caught my eye, too...and not just because it sounds like a good idea, but because it reminded me of how I need to purposefully be teaching my kids self-discipline. Guess that's why what parents do for their children is called "discipline"--duh!

    There are so many things that fight for my time. And sadly, the things I find myself drawn to aren't usually the things I should be doing.

    It's encouraging to see you taking the extra steps and being transparent about it.

  2. fb certainly does not seem as interesting as it used to, which is a good thing for me! what also helps is if your laptop dies and your only computer is on the 3rd floor. :) I think it's a great idea for Steve to have your password and then you can still stay connected. I think I should do that for Andrew. hahaha. :) good job, my friend!

  3. thanks for the encouragement pals! It's good and challenging to know that I have good friends in the same place! ;-)

  4. I feel EXACTLY the same way, Sarah! So many times a week I tell Nate, "Why on earth do I still waste time on facebook? 99% of the stuff on there doesn't impact me at all!!!" And usually I feel very frustrated after spending too much time on it. Thanks for your good reminder. :)

  5. i'm right there with you- i've done the same thing with my Stephen. :) it can be such a great thing with interacting on facebook and being encouraged while still being at home, yet, it's possible to be at home and not 'Be HOME'. :) if that makes sense. so i have been working at the self-control thing too.

    we have found facebook a very useful thing in connecting with our students otherwise i would've cancelled our account awhile ago too!

  6. Anonymous10:07 PM


    Been following you're blog for a while now. Just reading it makes me happy and gives me hope :).

    I had the same problem with Facebook. I would wake up in the middle of the night to log in on my phone just to see what other people were upto and check out their pictures. The first thing I would check as soon as I arrived at work was Facebook. Didn't matter if I had any pending work. Facebook first. I was an intern/ on probation up until Tuesday when my boss confirmed me as a full time employee. I believe that if I was on Facebook, I would not have proved myself as well as I did and would not have seemed like a serious future employee. I would be wasting time on Facebook and thus I would not be meeting deadlines and giving work of high standards. I was a slave to Facebook and I know that even in Gods eyes, its not the way to go. So I decided to give it up for Lent. I just deactivated it and its been 3 weeks. I own a phone and have almost 4 different email addresses so I am not out of reach. If its that important, I am reachable. I don't think that I will be going back even after Easter. It will be like smoking. Make progress then take one puff and you are back to square one. So i understand where you are coming from. All the best to u. xoxo

  7. i don't really know how to fully express what I'm I'll just say what an evidence of ths Spirit work in your life it is to hear you choose to confront intentionality in your personal life/time! Your Spirit lead decision will effect the Body in such wonderful ways! ... and on a side note, teaching your kids to sit still will be such a blessing to you! Start working on it ASAP and you will be so thankful for your diligent labor! They are never to young to start training! loved the post

  8. thank you, Carole, for your comment and for your transparency! how wonderful that you are out of the intern stage! I'm sure that brings a lot of comfort to your soul! I think it is wonderful that you gave up fb for Lent--and even more awesome that you realized fb was causing other problems in your life. your analogy to smoking was spot on;-) hope you have a lovely weekend!

  9. Kris, Shannon, and Anne.......
    thank you, ladies.....
    you encouraged and challenged my heart this morning!

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