tall and handsome + short and sweet

mister tall and handsome had the day off today,
so we took mister short and sweet for his overdue 6 mo. appointment.......

and, no surprise, we are in the 90th percentile for weight and,
drum roll please,
7th percentile for height.
No, you didn't read that incorrectly, and I didn't forget a zero after the seven either,
*wink wink;-)

I cannot tell you how much we love our pediatrician, Dr. Thomas, and his assistant Mallory.
{maybe it's because they assured us that mister Graeme will take off in height here very soon?}

oh how we love our sweet, sweet shortie!


  1. hahahaha!! I am sure he will even out in plenty of time. do you get constant comments about him looking well-fed? I do about my graham. :) though I guess my g-man has him beat in the height category because he's 95th & 90th. don't have any worries about it. :)

  2. thanks Kell! yes, people love to comment on his "legendary" cheeks;-) so funny;-) just this week my mom commented and said, "I think his face is getting chubbier--is that possible?". He is such a chunky monkey. A short, chunky monkey;-) I'm not worried too much--I hear they take a pretty big growth spurt right around now. hopefully;-) lol!

  3. He does have legendary cheeks, and he is as cute as can be. :) I love what a great mix he is of you both!

  4. thanks Sue!
    I hope you are feeling well these days;-) can't wait to see pictures of your new little one!


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