tennessee stop

I know you think I am crazy,
but I absolutely love this photograph.
I loved that the stop lights were numbered.......
and I love that this one happened to have #6 on it.
I can't quite comprehend that this was the. only. picture. that I snapped
as we zipped through the beautiful Tennessee countryside...............
[and let me tell ya'll:
we were definately in th' cuntreee.]
but by the time we dug out mister Nikon from the trunk,
there was barely any Tennessee left.
will vow to do justice next time around
and that's a promise, Tennessee.......


  1. Oh, I was getting kind of homesick when you were talking about Kentucky. . .now I'm REALLY homesick! Did you go the Atlanta way going to Indiana, or through NC? If you went through TN on 24, you were just 3 miles from my parents house.

  2. Lol! This is why, even with the trusty nikon, I still make sure to carry around the little coolpix...because inevitably I always forget to have the big camera accessible!

  3. Amy,
    this is so horrible--i don't even know if we were on 24. I do know that we had to get off of 40 because it was still closed from last year's rock slide.....and 24 sounds vaguely familiar?? I did think of you and your parents as we were driving through!

    Katie--no ma'am! ;-)


    i didn't pay all of that money to carry around my sony cybershot! ;-) [Although, I love our sony and the time that we had with it....it served us as well as it could have!;-)] But the sony has happily sat in our closet ever since mister Nikon came to live at our house........

    I wish we would've just pulled over and gotten the camera out...why it was in the trunk in the first place is beyond me, but that's where I had unfortunately placed it. We;ll have to do this drive again just for the pictures! ha! ;-)


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