we love our uncle jonny!

Love this picture of Graeme with his uncle Jon.......
I also just wanted to say a great, humongous, gigantic thank you to my favorite brother-in-law for all of his time in helping me with my bloggy-blog-blog.
One night, no joke, I believe Jon e-mailed me around 10 headers.
I noticed that as he would send each header, he would also title it with something silly.
As you read through the following progression,
you'll notice about the time that he gets tired of tweaking my header for me.
*and rightfully so!

new header
killa header
header #12
poo poo

okay, I am totally cracking up at him!
I love my blog, Jon!
thank you, thank you, thank you!

[um, I just heard THE. LOUDEST. toot come across the baby monitor.
It gave me a great case of the giggles!]


  1. I love these beautiful boys.....and the fact that they speak the same language of poop and toots!


  2. Gorgeous little guy -- don't know what to say about the big guy! (except that I love him, too)

  3. Uncle J1:24 PM

    little G is just too cool! so glad we got to spend more time with him (and you and Stevie :) glad you like the bloggy header and I was glad to help. just can't believe Barbie snored through the whole thing...
    give G-man a big ol' hug and kiss from Uncle J!

  4. how could we NOT love these two?! ;-)


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