avocado and brown

then, an electric server
now, a magazine tray

love the geometric pattern and the long handles,
and best of all I liked the price tag,
four dollars............

I'm thinking this will make a great breakfast-in-bed tray,
something that I should do much more often for my sweetie


  1. sooo cute. love it.

  2. thanks miss shannalee!
    I couldn't resist it, and now, I just can't decide where to display it;-)

    I entered your contest + hope I win! ;-)

  3. Okay, so, I was at Barnes&Noble today, and did you know they have a Panera cookbook?! It made me so happy and I thought of you :) It was quite thick and had a whole host of recipes!

    Just thought I'd let you know :)

  4. wish they made servers that cute now!....but think it is a great magazine tray too! :)

    happy weekend!......just a few days now!


  5. ooooh, miss Lauren,
    I might find myself there today, in fact;-) I wonder if it had the recipe for the broccoli cheddar soup????

    Mmmmmm, yum. I can taste it already;-)


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