comfort food + barley green = the epitomy of health {?}

Last evening I made us some comfort food for dinner, because I was feeling a little under the weather. And because my husband is the sweet guy he is, he had me take some barley green and vitamin C with my dinner. And I am very thankful, because this morning, I am feeling better.

My sister Barb {I know, I've been talking about her a lot's like she's a dear friend or something;-)} had gone to Asheville for the day and had tasted this amazing sandwich. And I decided, Steve and I needed to try it. And so we did.

And it was *amazing.

It's like a grilled cheese, only way better. It puts a normal grilled cheese down on the totem pole with hot-dogs, in my book.

So here's how you make the Asheville grilled cheese........
butter your bread,
add mozzarella,
add slices of tomatoes,
add slivers of avocado,
add a few strips of bacon,
+ a little more mozzarella,
spread some cream cheese on the other piece of bread,
and slap it on top and grill.

And then say yum.

your welcome.

p.s. thank you, thank you, thank you for voting for Graemie-bear. He went from #4ooo-something to #8 today. I am not exactly sure how that works, since I am pretty sure 3ooo+ people have not voted for him???? You can vote once per day, for Graeme, until Friday. Here is the link, again, to vote for our sweet boy.
many thanks peeps!


  1. Umm, I looked at the runners up and I just don't see how number one, is number one? It's just two kids standing in front of a Christmas tree? I think people are voting for kids just because they are asked too,not because they are the cutest little buggie boo's they see. I looked at alot of photo's yesterday,and voted for yours because he really is "cute".

  2. that looks delish!

  3. looks & sounds DEEEEEELISH!!!!
    (and photo-graphing food ain't for the fool at heart!)
    :) Will have to try!

  4. um, so i totally grabbed the ingredients i lacked to make this sandwich...i almost can't wait until lunchtime tomorrow! i'm trying it with turkey bacon and fat free cream cheese though...hope it still is tasty as yours looks!! thanks for sharing.

  5. you guys will love it, lOvE it, LOVE IT! ;-)

  6. Mmmm that sandwich looks good!


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