ever since he was tiny, he's been fascinated by light
and today, after his bath, I let him sit up on his changing table, and you would have thought that he had just won the bottle lottery!
oh to have that child-like fascination for the little things in life.........
for starters, I am fascinated by the tallness of that fohawk, *wink wink
happy Saturday to you!


  1. I love his sweet happy face! Brynne is always fascinated by ceiling fans - thinks they are amazing. And lately if we see dogs or cats in our neighborhood, that is another very exciting experience. It really is so sweet, the things they love!

  2. *gasp*
    you know what I mean. :)

  3. Ahh.. wait till he see's Christmas Lights :)

  4. thanks, friends! lol,

    Kelly! ;-) I knew you would appreciate this post, hehe!:-)

    Christina, it was so cute, this past Christmas, G loved to lay underneath the tree and watch the lights. We'll be in trouble next year when he is able to reach them. yikes! ;-)

  5. Anonymous7:28 AM

    So, so cute. I have a question for you...Seth and I are in need of a new camera soon. Our lens won't even shut on our current one and has been taking grainy pictures, just to name a couple problems. What are you shooting with these days? I'm asking around to get a good idea what to shop for. Thanks!

  6. thanks, Bethany;-)

    well, if your lens won't shut, I'd say it's high time for a new camera;-) These days, I'm shooting with my Nikon d5000 and I canNOT say how much I love it. It was worth every single penny saved and has been wonderful as we try to capture all of our memories as a family. Grainy pictures will not be a problem any longer, I can promise you that;-) I'll look forward to hearing about whatever camera you buy...... there are a lot of great ones out there, we just personally like our mister Nikon;-)


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