I love color.
I also love the color of organic mashed carrots. I'm pretty sure it's probably the same color as non-organic carrots, but something inside of me believes that the color just has to be just a little more vibrant and beautiful.
Speaking of vibrant, let me just tell you about a diaper color that I came across the other day. You knew this post was going to be about poop, right? No, seriously, this diaper was the greatest shade of green. I've been wanting to paint a little wall in our place green, and by George, I think I might have found the color. I think it's called winter vegetables, with an emphasis on garbanzo beans. I mean, can you imagine the look on the face of the Lowe's employee if I brought in Graeme's diaper and said, "this color right here, could you match this, please."

Oh, I kid. I would never do that. But it would be so funny, wouldn't it?


  1. See! You're so *naturally* creative, you can get your inspiration from anywhere.

  2. hehehe! thanks Marti! ;-)

  3. I'm litterally rolling with laughter!!!! But I don't doubt that it would be the most AMAZING shade of green ever to grace a home;) You have a nack for these kinds of things like non other!!

  4. I think I just gag/laughed! Gaughed? This totally made my day! :)

  5. Jess,
    seriously, it. was. amazing! I just don't think I could ever admit that I got the inspiration from poop. However, it would make for lively conversation;-)

    so glad I could make your day.....
    babies have a fun way of doing that for us;-) frequently;-)


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