*honk your horn if you love chai!

I think my love for chai tea is humongous enough to warrant such a bumper sticker on my car. I blame my lovely sister and mother for getting me on the Starbucks chai bandwagon several years ago. But I love my tall, no-water, no-foam chai tea latte bandwagon, and let me tell you why. Number one, it has to do with living in Oregon. I discovered, way back in November 2008, when we visited Portland, that my addiction is slightly cheaper here. In Virginia, my total always came to $3.43. Always. Sometimes Brian, at the Starbucks on Battlefield Blvd., would ask me for the total on my drink....... Here, my chai is $2.85. So, when I feel the urge to have a real tall, no-water, no-foam chai tea latte, I hit up our closest Starbucks, and usually take a leisurely stroll through Target, Barnes&Noble, and Old Navy while I'm at it.

Anywho, all of this rambling to say, the normal cost for my chai is $0.40. You heard me correctly. Thank you Target. Thank you for carrying Tazo chai, decaf to boot.

I have to admit, I tried this product a few years ago and was not happy with the result. Although, maybe it was because I had purchased the organic chai, and it was too strong for my liking. But with this one, I pour 1/3 cup of chai concentrate and 2/3 cup of milk, add in about 1/4 tsp. of sugar, and voila, it's my tall, no-water, no-foam chai tea latte.


I bet if you handed me a Starbucks chai and one that I made from home, I would not be able to tell you the difference. Once again, I need to thank my sister Barb for the find. She's a dandy;-)

Oh, and coupons.com has a $1 off coupon for this chai concentrate. It's on page 16, just to save you a few clicks. And bingo, you can print it twice. Oh thank you.


  1. I'm honkin'like crazy! :)

    ...and I appreciate the tip about the sugar....I'm going to try it!



  2. I'm literally he-he-he-ing on a high note from your comment! ;-)

    because I could just see you honking....

    with your *new bangs......

    ;-), ;-)., ;-)

    so glad you introduced me to the world of chai;-)

  3. If you find a bumper sticker like that, let me know :) You inspired me to go make my own cup. . .love it!

  4. thanks for the coupon heads up! I CRAVED this right after caiden was born and the fridge was never without a box. If you're into honey, you are technically suppose to make chai with steamed milk + honey---which is pretty good. I give mine a good twirl with the whisk to whip it up a bit. :)

    *if I saw your bumper sticker, I'd totally honk*

  5. honk. honk. {just two little short friendly blasts just so the other ppl around us dont all stare and get upset just so they know im honking about chai and not at them for being the stupid drivers they really are) i love it too! i've never tried honey or sugar! i must. i must. i happen to have a box in my fridge too!

  6. amy,
    good deal;-)

    okay, I will be technically correct one of these times and try it with honey;-) I wish I could just find the exact syrup that *bucks uses......... ;-) wouldn't THAT be awesome???

    a little friendly beep-beep right back at ya friend! ;-) dying laughing at your driver comment....some people's kids! ;-)

  7. S* ask them about the syrup. My SIL buys it directly from them all the time!

  8. stop. it. right. now. ;-)

    are you serious???

    going today, totally! ;-)


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