I made my own baby food, I lived to tell about it, and truth be told, it was enjoyable........

So, I'll be honest: I did try everything I made. And, I have to say, it was rather on the tasty side! I started out with sweet potatoes. And then ventured out a bit and did a sweet potato + pear puree. I think Graeme will rather enjoy this combination!Next, I did a puree of blackberries, pears, and apples. I also did a puree of carrots, mangos, bananas, blackberries, and pears, that tasted absolutely delicious.........
This is my first ever attempt to make my own baby food, and as you might have guessed from my incredibly long post title, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I purchased about $22 worth of fruits and vegetables, made almost an entire month's worth of food for Graeme, and still have food left over. My work last evening took right around an hour and a half.
I loved all of the colors in the pear, mango, banana, and blackberry puree. And I have to say, judging by the colors in these photographs, my sweet little guy might be looking a tad orange over the next few months. I should also add that I did not buy green vegetables. I need to research those a bit more before I take the home-made green vegetable plunge. {However, I bought some organic pre-made green vegetables, which I included in the $22}.
I did decide to do all organic. So again, I was pretty excited about spending $22 for almost an entire month's worth of food for Graeme. I think if I buy in bulk and watch for sales, I probably will spend a lot less. This trial run was just that: a run. I didn't slow down and shop sales;-) Next time, I will. If any of you have favorite recipes that you make for your baby, please let me know!
Number one lesson learned: make sure your potato/apple peeler is sharp! And, all of this to say, I hope that Graeme thoroughly enjoys what I have made for him. I enjoyed making it, knowing that it is fresh food for my baby. Let's hope that he is just as happy as when he ate his summer vegetables yesterday. I thought this video would give you a pretty accurate idea of how excited he gets over food. Any. kind. of. food. Oh, and don't you love how most of the summer vegetable medley ended up on his bib and chin rather than in his mouth? Oh how we love him........

And please excuse me, the babbling idiot, in this video. I have no idea what I am saying at the end either. My goo-gooing is so embarrassing.


  1. Oh, I love his messy face! Loved reading your post this morning -- makes me get all excited about making baby food again, which I know is just a few months around the corner! I loved making food for my babies ... I'll have to try the mango combo for Breck. Have you tried avocado yet? It is always the first food I feed my babies because of the nutrition, and it is super easy to prep!

  2. Way to go Friend! I love this video by the way - I never thought I'd talk like that until I had a sweet kiddo....it just makes you do crazy things :) I wish I could get my hands on that cutie!

  3. That is so awesome. I fully support this.

  4. So....I'll admit that I'm a lazy person and always try to find the easy way around things... I discovered that if you put a piece of tinfoil on the bottom of your cookie sheet, wash your sweet potatoes, stick em on there, and put them in a 400 degree oven, cook 'em to death, and let them cool - the innerds scoop right out and you never have to peel them. That's my preferred method. :)

  5. What a good little mom you are! Cute, cute picture and video!

  6. those colors do look amazing! I enjoyed making graham's food and knowing exactly what was in it! it's SOOOO much cheaper than buying it as well! but now that G is on to non-pureed food, he's becoming a little more choosy and I fully believe it's because of all the crazy textures that veggies are! still working on that... :)

  7. Melody,
    okay, you've inspired me to try avocado.....
    I just saw that a friend commented on my fb wall and suggested avo + banana puree. Mmmmmm! Give Breck a squeeze for me;-)

    I honestly never even thought about how I sounded until I ran across one of your videos with Brynnie and you said something like, excuse my voice....and then I started thinking, "yes, I probably sound a tad silly in these videos......" you're right, it's amazing what we do because of these cuties;-)

    thanks! that means a ton, coming from you! You are, like, the Awesome Food-Maker Queen! ;-)

    to tell you the truth, my peeler did an awesome job on the sweet potatoes...like seconds and I was done! But my apples gave me a horrible time as did the mango--but the skin was SO THICK on that mango, it was understandable.... but I might try that trick--because then I wouldn't have to boil them too, right?

    that totally makes sense about the texture....
    I think that is partly why I am a little nervous about doing my own green veggies. Any tips for me? any combos that mister G really liked?

    thanks friends for your support;-)
    thanks mom;-)

  8. Hi Sarah!

    Great job! The pics are so cute! I enjoyed making all of Timothy's baby food - healthier and more economical. Hard to believe I'm about to start doing it all over with Aydleyn.

    A couple things I found helpful:

    - the Magic Bullet (found at BB&B, Walmart, etc); this works like a dream compared to my blender/food processor; also great for pureeing whatever you have for dinner when Graeme moves beyond just fruits and veggies
    - for texture, I often blended avocado or organic whole milk yogurt in with the greens to give a smoother, creamier texture
    - when T got a little older and didn't need things completely pureed, I'd slice and cook sweet potato rounds (no need to even peel) then pop them in the freezer, take out 1-2 as needed, pop the potato right out of the peeling and mash with a fork - so easy!

    Ok, so I should have just e-mailed you rather than write a book in your comments section. ;)

  9. Way to go, Sarah! One combination that I just found out about a few weeks ago (wish I had known a LOT sooner) is orange, apple, & baby spinach leaves. Sounds gross, I know, but it is actually really good. I just use a small handful of spinach leaves to one orange & 1/2 apple. . .Jordan has loved it. You can't even taste the spinach (tastes like an orange smoothie), but he's still getting his greens!

  10. Kristen,
    thanks tons for the tips! I'm glad you shared them! Hey, did you ever get those pictures? I figured you probably were able to get them straight from the blog, but if not let me know and I can email them! ;-) I love the sweet potato idea;-) And I LOVE the whole milk/yogurt and avocado idea....it makes complete sense! And sadly, I got rid of my bullet when we moved here from Virginia;-( so sad!

    Amy, I totally believe it--I just read that on a food blog last evening and also Sara, my sister-in-law makes smoothies that way for her kids and they gobble it up;-) I can't wait to try it;-) I might be swapping out my wheat grass for baby spinach in my own smoothies.....because I sure can taste the wheat grass;/

  11. I loved your post, Sarah- That little guy is spoiled with such yummy food! I'll bet you that food doesn't last a month with the way he's going to pack it away! :) I could eat that fruit combo in a heartbeat :) I also loved baking my sweet potatoes, because it actually does keep more of the sweetness in. Okay, I didn't do it for Elyse, I did it so I could have 1/2 of everything I made her with brown sugar and butter. Confessions... With Elyse's greens, I "graduated" her in stages from finely pureed to semi-chunky, to VERY chunky, etc... She's always liked them, though, and every kid is different. By finger-food stage, I'd just steam them and make it the first thing she had to eat before she got the really good stuff, like fruit! The veggie combos always made my stomach churn at the time (I was early in my pregnancy), so she never got to try all the really yummy stuff...
    That video is just too cute, and I love how he gets SO excited!

  12. Loved the homemade baby food too...it got harder with Jonas so he went to table food more quickly...I think doing your own helps so much with that transition and tastes better!

    Thanks for your note I am doing well and so thankful for Gods grace!

  13. I made all of my son's baby food (people thought I was crazy but I actually enjoyed doing it). I just felt more like it was "real" food. I bought this fantastic book "First Meals" by Annabel Karmel. It is the best. I starts meals at age 6 mons and goes all the way up to family meal. I highly recommend it.


  14. fun! I loved making baby food for Ellie. and I sounded like "Good stuff, huh" at the end to me. =D


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