my neck warmer? my neck scarf? my narf?

I'm working on some specs as of late.
[it's a neck warmer, in case you're wondering;-)]
my sweetie suggests that I call it a narf,
And I quote, "you know, combine the 'n' from neck and 'arf' from scarf: narf."
I do like it, apart from the pinky and the brain association..........
although I secretly was hoping for something a little more, well, girly sounding.
I like things to be clever and fun and meaningful.
Like my flockings for instance.........
stockings out of flannel.
[thanks to my sister Barb for that one;-)]
so this little gal is made out of felt, linen, and flannel, and orange thread, most importantly in my opinion!
I need some names, so if you have any you'd like to share, shoot them my way and I might mail you a happy little package if your name wins.........
not that you'd actually wear a neck warmer in April, but you can stash it away for a few months, right?


  1. Well, you know how some items are named after people? Like this site where we order some clothes for our girls. They just have a handful of items, and each item has a girl's name. They have a shirt called "The Kate" and a dress called "The Cassidy." Well, the neck warmer could be "The Fran," which is, of course, "narf" spelled backwards. Sorry, but I'm not very creative. I tend to be an inside-the-box person.

    Also, I'm wondering if the linen would be considered fine-twined linen. Because ever since we read about the specs for building the tabernacle, Boo has been wanting some fine-twined linen. Maybe I could get her one of these. :)

  2. Marti,
    I happen to love your style of thinking;-) you DO think outside of the box, you just don't give yourself enough credit;-)

    And, let's just consider the linen fine-twined, because I just could never say no to a little girl nick-named Boo. ever. ;-) tell me her neck size and your address [you can email me or fb me] and it will show up in your mailbox asap;-)

    oh, let me know Boo's favorite colors too;-)

  3. How about "neckin" ....combining neck and linen - I'm a genius - of course it sounds like something else to me....what is it??? :)

  4. P.S. My last blog post is about Georgetown cupcakes...thanks for the recommendation we loved it! (Especially Roderick and he's typically not fond of cupcakes!)

  5. Sure wish I was as creative as you, my friend! I love looking at all your creatiions.
    I can't think of another name for your little creation, but did want to stop by and say hi!

  6. I think Narf is a very catchy word. Both males and females could use your "Narf"

  7. well, keep the ideas coming, friends! I like 'em ;-)

  8. Stephen Branine8:35 PM

    I love your creativity and style girl. A couple more suggestions might be (and don't be too quick to toss them out:):

    heat + neck = heck.....maybe not

    warmth + babushka = warbushka

    and finally.....

    nomfy! Neck + comfy = nomfy!

    That's all I got, and love you lots girl.


  9. How about "le cou echarpe'"? I believe that is French for neck scarf - not positive. But it has a nice ring :-)

    Just voted for Graeme :-)

  10. going to have to give this some concentrated thought.
    are you going to make more than ONE of these? (please) and put it on that imaginary etsy shop of yours? {wink}

    p.s. I think narf has it's place; after all, the *spork* had to start somewhere. :)

  11. I didn't see your last picture, so I had no idea what it looked liked completed. And I can see how Narf wouldn't work.

  12. Anonymous10:22 PM

    This day, as if on purpose


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