relishing Saturday afternoon........

warm afternoon sun,
daddy's home from work,
Cali's ready for a trip to Hondo's dog park,
church journals almost completed for the kids,
Graeme is happily squealing in daddy's arms.........
does it get any better than this?
I believe it does not......
happy monday to you friends!
hope your weekend was one to remember!


  1. well, there he is, naked again. haha!! is that a thristies cover I see?

  2. haha! I PROMISE, the boy really does wear clothes! It seems I take a lot of pictures between clothing changes!

    yep, that's a thirstie......
    speaking of, I need to order his next size pronto;-)
    love them!

  3. I've totally fallen in love with all-one-dipes! I managed to snag some of the new gro-babies for free (but they're on backorder. bum) but when we have another child all I am asking for is bumgenius 3.0's. :)

  4. okay, I don't think I am fully understanding the all-one-dipes. I was thinking that they were "yuckier" in the sense that the cloth diaper goes inside of the pocket to absorb everything, but the #2 stuff is on the pocket part of the diaper?? I'm sure I have this wrong. fill me in! ;-)

    The new thirsties had just come out when Graeme was born--the new sizes where you just have the 2 from birth to potty training.....

    I am glad that I don't have to buy all 3 sizes, but would love to hear more about the + side to all-in-ones. I do like the look of those bumgenius 3.0.....

    I have a friend here who uses them;-)

  5. I have been meaning to write a post about this for about...3 months. maybe I'll get around to it soon! well, instead of having a cover, diaper & insert, the AIO's seem almost like using a disposable! for me it doesn't make a difference if the yuck is on a insert or dipe. I still have way too much interaction with his excretions. :) :) the biggest down-side!!!


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