So, in your opinion.........

I need your two cents on the subject of laundry detergents.
I want to hear which detergent you love the most and why.

I am tired of Tide.
I want a new best friend in the laundry department.
It must give me that fresh, clean laundry smell,
get out the stains,
and keep my whites white.

Please tell me it's not too much to ask..........
my prince charming laundry detergent has to be out there somewhere.
thanks pals!


  1. I'm not terribly picky on this subject, Sarah, but I have used everything known to man. You get what you pay for (I don't like no-name detergents) but I personally like Gain (orignal scent or fresh scent). And WISK! My all-time favorite for sure. You can smell it everytime you walk into a bedroom that has the bedding laundered in Wisk. Gain seems to be the least expensive of the brand names. I like to throw in a cup of Oxyclean for keeping whites white and brights bright. The spray Oxyclean is the best stain remover ever. Stubborn, set-in stains might take a few washings but it does the job. From someone who does no less than 15 loads per week....

  2. I am absolutely in <3 with every Method cleaner product I've tried. Their laundry detergent comes through in every way - it might be your prince charming! Sometimes they offer coupons on the Method website, too. . . Good luck, Sarah!

  3. Sue + Sarah,
    I am so glad to hear your comments. I thought for sure everyone leaving a comment would call me crazy for leaving Tide! Sue, I would trust a woman who does over 15 loads of laundry each week;-) thanks for the oxy clean tip too......

    I might have to consider Method, since I like their dishwashing stuff too!

  4. Anonymous12:40 PM

    ditto on the oxyclean stain remover....just discovered that one. You spray it on and the stain disappears right there in front of you. I like Gain too. I will have to try Wisk. Tide is too harsh for me. I left it a long time!

  5. I was a Tide and Downy SNOB ! Until I joined Costco and took a risk trying their Kirkland detergent AND fabric softener. Our whole house smells wonderful when I do laundry, it's affordable, and it does get the stains out! I'm never going back!

  6. Hey friend! I usually use whatever is on sale, however, i always add a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of baking soda. It really helps. When i run out of it and don't use it - I can TOTALLY tell a difference in my clothes. It just cleans better. I read about it somewhere and have never looked back. :)

  7. I have liked Tide but I like to switch things up otherwise you stop smelling the freshness.

    The vinegar and baking soda is probably much like Oxyclean but the homemade version probably a lot less $ so I would try that. I forgot to mention the Oxyclean removes odors (like baking soda would)...we have an H.E. Washer and it leaves a lot to be desired, at least our particular washer.

    The Costco stuff IS good. I forgot about that. I've been couponing and don't hit Costco much anymore.

  8. Well, my new best friend in the laundry department is Amway's Legacy of Clean detergent, floral scent. LOVE it!!! I love how it smells, and it does a great job with my laundry. Plus, it is plant-based, and more natural ingredients. They also have their own detergent booster (like oxiclean), which I love since it matches the smell of my detergent and fabric softener.

    If you don't want to go that direction, the other detergent I love is Trader Joe's brand detergent. It's very reasonably priced. Smells yummy, too; but Jeremy didn't like the smell; so we moved on to Amway detergent :)

    I know what you mean about liking the smell. . .I've spent my share of time picking out laundry detergents by how they smell :)

    I second the comments about oxiclean spray stain remover. . .it has worked on almost every single stain I've tried it on. . .even some set in stains.

    Happy detergent shopping!

  9. Method brand is my fave - in all it's products! (air fresheners, cleaners, detergent) Non-toxic and smells yummy!

  10. I have always preferred Tide, but last time I ran out I decided to try the eco-friendly, non-toxic kind they carry at Costco. So far I really like it. It's called ECOS. I also use Clorox2 stain fighter/color booster in most loads and it works GREAT on Ellie's many stains. And Downy, of course. =)

  11. well, I can see that I have some home-work to do! thank you so much for your tips.....

    I greatly appreciate it and will report my findings! there is hope!!! ;-)

  12. I am not too picky, usually get what I can find for the best deal. My latest good deal was the new Purex Natural Elements. I REALLY like it and it smells VERY yummy!

  13. Our family uses Gain. The original or the mango tango one :) It makes the clothes smell real good and its my husbands favorite.

  14. Hi Sarah,
    I make my own laundry detergent--works great, lasts forever, and is very cheap. You can find the recipe here:

    The Fels Naptha soap can be found at Mast General Store-type places (probably natural food stores too) or online. I quadruple the recipe each time and it lasts 3-4 months (that's with 2 kiddos!).

    Your little guy is a cutie!

    Cherith Newton

  15. Cherith,
    thanks so much for stopping by and giving me that recipe....
    sounds like a great deal and it's always nice to hear from someone who has personally made it and likes it;-)

  16. By the way, if a Scent is important to you, you won't get it with this (unless you add some essential oils, to the liquid version). But it is a very fresh, clean smell--just not scented like regular detergent.

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