thirty days are up........

Don't they say that it takes thirty days to start a new habit?
well, thirty days are up and I am officially an oatmeal-for-breakfast eater.
ahahaha, and you thought I was going to say that I was officially done with my 30-day shred by Jillian Michaels, didn't you!
I was always more of the, you know, have some oatmeal with your brown-sugar, type.
But my oatmeal is brown-sugar free and all...........
Slowly but surely is my motto for healthy living.

My husband told me a while ago that he had heard on NPR that if you eat something seven times, your taste buds will learn to like it.
I started out easy: adding tomato to my hamburger.
It worked!
I cannot eat a hamburger without a tomato now!
I've also tried this method with avocado, and again, it worked.
The sky's the limit!
Actually, I'll stop at liver, thank you.

I better run, Jillian is yelling my name.


  1. That is awesome. I had a similar experience with both tomatoes and avocados, so I so get it. Way to go!

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Ahh! Oatmeal for breakfast is my fail-proof way to start the day too. Glad to know I'm not alone. And I think there may be something to S.'s 10-times-to-like-it method. My parents did this with me as a child--kept making me eating this mushy thing named oatmeal that I didn't like morning after morning. Decades later...I can't imagine life without it.

  3. My Dr told me that I should eat Oatmeal without any sugar or butter in it. I looked at her and said "who does that?"

    Haha..I finally met someone.

    Do you add any fruit to it? Like maybe apples or banana's?


  4. Christina,
    okay, I have to be honest, it is the fruit oatmeal. this one in the picture was the banana one, I believe....
    but one packet alone just did not fill me up, so I add in an extra 1/2 cup of plain oats;-) I don't think I could eat a whole bowl of just plain oats! maybe someday I'll be that healthy;-)

  5. Hey,that's a real good idea! Yum, now I can see myself doing this and enjoying the benefits of oatmeal :)


  6. I buy the canister of quick oats and that is a pretty regular [simple & quick!] b'fast for G & me! I sprinkle it with cinnamon, raisins, & yes, a tsp. of brown sugar. :) but we both love it!

  7. I ate oatmeal every morning until the morning sickness kicked in & now I can't stomach it...had to switch to cold cereal..I just choose healthy cereals. I can't wait until I can eat oatmeal again...I miss it!


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