you knew it was coming.........

so, if you're my friend on facebook, you probably knew this would make it onto my blog........

I mentioned on facebook that I was quite shocked to see that Graeme's photograph had been selected for a chance to win in the weekly contest on I was surprised because when I originally uploaded a picture of Graeme for the contest sponsored by Gerber, I was informed that the process entailed a $20 fee. I decided that since there were literally thousands of cute babies, I would have to pass on paying to enter the contest.

A few days later, I received a generic email saying something to the effect of: no worries, your baby still has a chance to win, even if you don't pay the $20, because there is a possibility that their photograph will be viewed by a professional and entered into the contest.

A few days after that, I received an email saying that Graeme's picture had been viewed by a professional.

Then today, I received an email saying that his picture had been selected for the weekly contest. How fun! So, you can click on the link below and vote for our Graemie-bear. You can vote once each day until Friday.

Who knows, maybe Graeme could even win baby of the year and $25,000 towards college??? That. would. be. amazing! Honestly, there are so many sweet baby faces out there, who could ever pick a winner from all of them? I mean, I know I am biased and I would obviously pick my own sweet baby's face, but there are so many cutie-pie babies in our world!

Here's the link to vote for mister Graeme.......
thanks in advance pals!


  1. He is a cutie for sure. I voted :)

  2. thank you Christina!

  3. So, see? It's not just me and EVERYONE else who knows you...he IS painfully adorable! I voted and will vote everyday and passed the word along on FB. Not that you need help but figured it couldn't hurt.

  4. I gave you my vote too!

  5. thank you friends!!!!

  6. I voted! he is the cutest :) :)


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