ahem {in other words, part two}


ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
as a warning, I may have gotten a tad carried away with part two of
may. have.
I simply loaded pictures and cleaned my house,
loaded pictures and cleaned my house,
and before I knew it,
it seemed that this post was getting long.
I do hope you didn't fall asleep by the end of them.........
I am particularly in love with the photograph of the mustang.
yes, that is why it is ridonculously large.
oh thank you.
and, yippee skippy, I think I just have two parts left to this series--
both of which will be miles shorter than this post!
happy weekend-ing


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    I was not bored at all. Love the pictures and would love to see more. Graeme is the cutest little Chubster!

  2. beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go visit San Fransisco again - we LOVED that city!

  3. thanks pals! yes, Bethany, I'm wondering if he's maintained the 90th percentile for weight or managed to climb higher on that scale? ;-)

    Loraena--you should go with us next time-that would be such a blast! ;-)

  4. green doors. mustangs. fiddlesticks.
    happy sisters. delighted grandma.
    rocky coast. GG Bridge (is it really one way?).
    street signs. neon lights. church steeple.
    hanging baskets. sail boats. sun-bathing seals.
    steal crabs. trolly and taxis. city-scapes.

    felt like I've been to Cali.

    thanks for the ride.

  5. well friend,
    I am so glad that you feel like you've been to Cali;-)
    However, I think you need to visit the west coast again just so you can swing up my way and we can finally meet in person!!! ;-) that would be too much fun!

    oh, p.s., the bridge I think you are thinking of--from the picture of all of the cars--is actually the bay bridge--its a double decker bridge--the one that collapsed during the last big ca earthquake;-(...... but the GG bridge is also a two-way, but just a single level bridge....

    oh dear, I hope I just didn't thoroughly confuse you! ;-)

  6. I started last week and just got done scrolling through all the pictures :-).

    BTW, I love the one of Jenna and Graeme...

  7. mark,
    you're rotten.

    I do love that one of Jenna and G too.....


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