dear perfectly priced, perfectly branded, and possibly most importantly, perfectly working serger,

please come live at my house soon.

I want us to be
fast friends
If only I could locate you..........
where is you?


p.s. any of my sewing friends out there have recommendations for me concerning a serger? I am totally praying for my serger, because I know God cares about my need! And, without divulging details yet {although I am bursting at the seems to tell you. no, it's not another sweet baby. it is a bit like a baby, however now that I think about it..........} I will safely say that I believe this serger to be a genuine need to pray for! And in faith, I will say that I cannot wait to show you a picture of the new addition to our itty bitty living space that God leads me to;-)


  1. ?????? hmmm.... ???? fascinating.... ?????

  2. I know. I'm so vague.....
    I will tell you soon!
    and guess what? I am looking at a serger tomorrow! so excited!

  3. I'm so confused! I have absolutely no idea.

  4. ohmydear,
    I'm sorry.
    I didn't intend to confuse my friends! I am starting a little venture, but need to find myself a serger first. This little venture has been in the works for several months and I am so excited because things are starting to come together........

    stay tuned for June 21st......
    that's the big launch date
    {fingers crossed} ;-)


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