eight hundred fifty six pictures later............

[groan, this is just part one]
how am I ever supposed to sort through all of my pictures from California?
and, who knows when I will get around to part two through ten gazillion.............
*wink wink


  1. all of your pictures are fantastic....but that next to last one of coit tower is A.....MAZING!!

    can't wait to see more:)

  2. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see the other "ten gazillion." I love seeing you in the last picture! = )

  3. they are all so beautiful! I can't believe you have that many pics!! I love the one with G & your parents, he looks so much like Stephen!

  4. Well these are gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!

  5. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Your fire hose photo is contest-worthy. Looks like you had fun times in Cali. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  6. thank you pals! oh, and kelly, I again will blame it on mister Nikon♥
    with 4 pictures per second, i literally could have gotten that many pictures in under 4 minutes....... crazy!

    {I remember when my sister came to visit me last October, we went around Seattle for a day and she took like 300 pictures in one afternoon.... I remembered thinking "how in the world?".... and now I know..... it's addicting! ;-) Of course, san fran hosts so many photo-worthy spots too--that made it easy to go clicking happy;-)}

  7. Gorgeous pictures :) :) That bread bowl looks yummy.

  8. your pics are beautiful. i've spent this week agonizing over a camera decision. i've at last decided NOT to get my dreamed over dslr and to just jump up to the next level point and shoot at this point in my life.... one must still have dreams you know...

    your blog is making me reconsider- i might have to stop looking at your pics for awhile! :) no, i can't stop.

  9. AMAZING pictures Sarah!! The one from Boudin's made me super jealous :-) That was some good eatin'!!

  10. great pics...looking forward to the other 841...love that little guy btw & miss y'all

  11. you're a crazy goose
    on the loose.....

  12. justin, jake and jenna's mom7:04 PM

    So nice! Thanks for sharing.... btw, how did my chillun's come out???

  13. beth,
    oh, I wish I could afford to go out and by you a mister Nikon......
    he is dreamy......
    I would say, wait a bit longer, save those pennies, and go for the dslr. you will never regret it. Steve and I were just talking about it last evening, in fact. We can't imagine life without "him" ;-)

    Michelle, yes ma'am, it WAS some good eatin' ;-) hope you are well!

    Nate--you so crazy! yes, Steve and I were just talking tonight about an east coast trip........ ;-)

    Erin, I know! can you blame me though? san fran begs for pictures to be taken! ;-)

    Trish--well, the one that I got of Jenna and G is adorable-- the one of the three of them is so cute, except Jake is kind of hidden behind Jenna;-( I'm going to post them in my next set--and I'll send them to you too;-)

  14. beth,


    "buy" ;-)

  15. 856 pictures ?! How will you ever get all that film developed...

    Give the Graemester a big hug from his techno-challenged Uncle Markie :-)

  16. don't toy with me Sarah Kate...you are getting my hopes up here :) I really hope so bc the chances of me taking a west coast trip this summer is looking grim. Don't worry I'll hold you to this...;)


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