friday favorite

if there was ever any doubt in your mind whether or not
i love scrabble. . .
now you know.
i love my scrabble letter ring!
happy weekend!


  1. Did you make it? It's really cute!

  2. isn't it? I was a tad alarmed that the description on the ring said "geeky gift"......

    however, I will gladly admit that I am a geek;-)

    i didn't make it Lexie--I bought it off of etsy--but love it--even more than I thought I would;-)

  3. I like scrabble as well, I play it with my grandmother, who is not shy when it comes to challenging words :)

    Do you wear it?

    And have you ever played upwords?

  4. You MUST come to the annual Junk Bonanza here!

  5. Christina--we will have to play sometime--i played it a lot with my Nanny too--such good memories!!! i'll have it on today!;-) upwords....never played it--maybe you can teach me.....
    I have played take-2, though--is it similar?

    oh friend,
    i just looked it up,
    and if there is any, any way possible.......
    i will be there!
    and get to meet you, too! ;-)


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