I'm back......... {*edited, with video}

Picture 17
miss this little man at all?
here's an adorable video clip from when this little guy saw his daddy for the first time after getting back from our week-long trip to California. I wish that I would have kept the video rolling, because, as Steve walked with him to the car about 30 feet away, Graeme took Steve's face in his two little hands and laughed and giggled. love, love, love it...........


  1. looking forward to the video :)

  2. I am sure you are so happy to be all 3 together again. what a sweet boy!

  3. yes, so happy to be all together again, except, I think I've come down with the flu or something, I don't know.......

    yucky! ;-(

    hehehe, Katie, I left my camera cord at my mom's house, she sent it to me today, so I should be able to post it soon. silly me!

  4. ew. sickness always seems to hit after travel. hope you feel better soon!


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