monday medicine {and so much more.........}


it was a pretty beautiful mother's day, let me just say.........
the weather was perfect and so was my company

my mother's day gift from my husband surpassed all wishes!
wouldn't you agree that my chalkboard is ginormously wonderful?
I'm tickled pink with it, literally {because I chose crushed coral for the frame color}.
my chalkboard has been on my dream wish list for a while now
and I am in love with this one that was found and framed just for me.
the decades old, brown chalkboard, framed by a generous seven-inch-wide, pale pink border, hanging on my yellow wall............
it's pure joy, I tell you!
it will be filled with plenty of love notes, sweet messages, and life reminders,
and in time,
drawings made by chubby little hands..........
and speaking of those chubby little hands,
these pictures of my baby boy just about bring me to tears.............
thank you, Jesus, for the gift of being a mother,
the sweet joys of being a wife,
and the inexplicable love for the life you've given me..............


  1. beautimous! I LOVE your chalkboard....and the sweet pictures of "G"......


  2. thank ya, thank ya! I thought Steve-o did an amazing job--I love it! That last picture of G just about melts my heart! ;-)

  3. that is the largest chalk board I have ever seen! It is beautiful! our weather was so cold *note G's hat*, but our day was still lovely! happy M day!

  4. isn't it huge? I love it so! It was originally glued to a piece of plywood/bulletin board, thus the size. it is also magnetic, which I canNOT say how much I love;-) can't wait to see Graeme's alphabet letters up there;-)

    happy mommy's day to you too, friend!

  5. Sarah,

    Love this post! What a great chalkboard -- Graeme is going to love it. Hooray for Steve -- what a great guy! OOoooo -- those little blue eyes are so sweet!

  6. Love the chalkboard! So many possibilities! And I have a request to see the whole room :) :)

  7. Happy, happy, happy first mothers day to you! What a lovely mother you are, too! :)

  8. thank ya, thank ya, friends!
    Sara, I was just thinking about doing a post on our little apt.... I think you've inspired me! ;-)


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