monday medicine

well, he's tickled pink with his new do, apparently...........
[a little monday morning fun at the expense of my sweet boy and his hair!]
when the part-your-hair-down-the-middle fad comes back in,
and Graeme is tempted to join in,
we'll pull this little lovely out and see if it changes his mind...............
hope this funny little photograph brightened your monday a bit

oh my,
my week is off to a very grand start,
if this little find is any indication!
happy monday!


  1. Love his sweet grin. What a great picture. I think that new hairdo makes him look a little older! = )

  2. I just burst out laughing....soooooo hard! It was the perfect end to a very busy day.......just priceless!

    and your find is fabulous too:)


  3. His cuteness is just ridiculous! Too, too cute for words!

    Is my blog working on your end??

  4. haha! aunt barbie--knew you would! ;-)

    Lacie, yay! yep, just tried it and it worked--so happy to have you back on my list! ;-)

  5. How is it that just about anything that isn't flattering on an adult is just too cute on a baby? Especially little Graeme-bear?

    Love him :)

  6. hee-hee, Lauren,
    that made me giggle out loud--
    very insightful and true ;-)

  7. He looks like a combination of Chubby and Alfalfa...:-)

  8. So glad it's working, Sarah! Got a question for you, my creative floral-arranger. I'm doing a graduation party this weekend for Paul--any cute ideas for centerpieces? Suggestions?

  9. I kept thinking that he looks like someone from "Our Gang" -- I think Mark got it!


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