Napa Valley + Hayes Valley {read: cupcakes + macaroons}


Napa Valley, a favorite place of ours
When we were dating, we would often take day trips to Napa and Calistoga. Calistoga, specifically, because they had this incredible bakery + frappuchino shop. It was such a favorite place of ours, that we even named our puppy for it................


really yummy cupcakes, but not as good as Georgetown Cupcake,
in my opinion, and almost as good as saint cupcake.
my idea of the perfect cupcake would be to combine
the cupcake of Georgetown with the icing of saint cupcake............

Hayes Valley in San Francisco hosts a happy little macaroon shop named paulette.
what I liked most about this shop-owner was that she has been in the business of selling macaroons, and only macaroons, for over 12 years.
Even though macaroons are eversopopular right now,
this shop owner has simply been doing what she has loved for over a decade.........

I tried the plain jane coconut macaroon--it was the best that I have ever tasted!
Apparently I spent most of my time eating, while I was in California..........
but seriously, can you blame me?


  1. There is something about the hands of an older man that I find so very precious! Are those your dad's hands, (I'm pretty sure that I have seen them on here before)? Hands that have served the Lord magnificently for so very many years...priceless. I LOVE your eye for beauty, Miss Sarah Kate!! And...I LOVE you!!

  2. ohmydear! I got so excited when I saw your comment because I thought you actually had a blog! Will you please start one--it would be so great, I just know it!

    yes, I totally agree with you--there's just something about the hands of an older person..... they are so beautiful;-)

    love ya right back;-)

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