over and around us lies........


these are photographs from Multnomah Falls and the last three pictures are of the Columbia River...........
absolutely beautiful territory that our Creator spoke into place..........

the weather was perfect,
and again,
so was my company;-)

we were joined by, what seemed, hundreds of eighth graders and their gift shop suckers and ice-cream cones for a few minutes,
and then they were gone,
and we enjoyed the beauty of the falls almost all to ourselves.

these photographs do not begin to do justice to the beauty of Multnomah.....
I think we found another great place to take our visiting family + friends, though...........


  1. Absolutely gorgeous -- I want to go there! My mouth was just hanging open as I looked at all the beauty.

  2. stunning! the 1st pic is my fav!

  3. Wow! Love it. We need to get out there to visit you sometime! Love the picture of Steve and Graeme! Pure joy.
    (Is there a trick to getting your pics organized like this? I love all the different sizes together and how they are organized. Much easier on the eyes!)

  4. These are BEAUTIFUL pics, but you're right, they can't do it justice. Jason's parents live very near there and I just showed him these pics! He was telling me that all the way from Crown Point (have you been there yet? at sunset?) along this ridge there are probably 40 waterfalls all very similar to this one (of course being from Portland he's hiked them all). Maybe one day when we're visiting the g-parents I can actually meet you :) That lollipop pic is delicious!

  5. Beautiful pics! You're such a talented photographer! How is Cali doing? Haven't heard about her lately!

  6. GORGEOUS!! Looks like a perfect day.

  7. these are gorgeous!

    we really need to go there:)


  8. Laura--hey! yes, I'll have to message you.... or maybe just call you--that might be easier! ;-)

    Beth--Steve and I were just talking yesterday about how cool it would be if i actually got to meet you in person!!! We haven't been to crown point yet..... but hope to soon. We've heard a lot of great things about that place! ;-) so, so, so many pretty places out here!

    miss Cali is fine--I was just thinking about doing a post on her;-) She has probably had the hardest time out of all of us, adjusting to apt. life;-( But she is a trooper! Give Gus a hug from me;-)

  9. These waterfall pictures are GORGEOUS!


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