stolen bases?


if there were any stolen bases played in last evening's game, I didn't notice......
because the shorties stole the game completely;-)
{although, if you must know, I thought my husband made some awesome catches}


  1. Love the Graemster with his hat on backwards! I'm assuming that it's a Yankees hat :-)

  2. I thought it was so funny when the ump came over and looked at us all through the fence and said, "What is this, baby night?" =)

  3. oh dear, uncle Mark, we hate to disappoint.......
    it actually is an old navy hat....
    we shall have to work on getting a yankees hat--that would make mommy very happy and well, daddy might not be so happy about that addition;-)

    L--I know! Can you imagine what he would have thought if ALL of the babies from our church had been there? ;-) too funny!

  4. I think Graeme needs to learn from his little friend---CUBS all the way!!!


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