the story of my new serger!

I've mentioned before that I am thoroughly enjoying the book, A Praying Life, by Paul Miller. In November, a group of ladies from my church and community began studying the book together. We are due to complete the book in about 3 weeks and I am ready to start this book all over again. It was that good. I cannot recommend it enough to you.

and speaking of praying...........

I shared last week that I have been on the look-out for a serger. I had located one on craigslist, but the price was at the very top of my range. I was a bit uneasy about the possible purchase, but I did like the brand of the serger--it just so happened to be the same as my sewing machine--which I love--so that calmed my apprehensiveness some-what. I mentioned too, that I was praying about the process of finding just the right serger, because I know God cares about it. I had arranged to meet the owner of the craigslisted serger on a Sunday evening; I asked God to show me, clearly, if I should buy this particular serger. About 15 minutes before we were to leave, the lady called me to say that she could. not. find. the power cord. I, probably too happily told her, "no problem--I totally understand!". It was what I had prayed for.

I received a phone call from my sweet grandma a few mornings ago. You know, the same little lady that just joined facebook! Yes, she's amazing! And guess what she called about? She called to tell me about my early birthday + Christmas gift! I was so very, very excited! I told her it probably needs to count for the next several birthdays and Christmases;-)

It's an especially sweet gift, coming from Gigi, because we share the love of sewing and creating.
I am so excited about the {hopefully} hundreds of things my serger will create!

thank you so, so, so much, Gigi! This is such a special gift to me!
merry Christmas + happy cake and candle day to me...................
p.s. Isn't my grandma just absolutely beautiful!


  1. So sweet of Mom -- I know it thrills her to see you carry on her tradition of sewing beautiful things! Happy for you -- thanks, Mom!

  2. I don't remember seeing your Gma before, but what a sweet pic.
    So excited to hear of this wonderful blessing in your life!! I would have no idea what to do with one. severly impaired, I am. :)

  3. that is an awesome story! God is so good. =) (aren't you glad you prayed about it now?) =) love the pictures too!

  4. wonderful story. awesome provision.
    can't wait to see its fruition.
    *take a peekie over at the finer 9er's...someone did their homework! ;)

  5. thanks friends! i am absolutely LOVING my new serger!

  6. Anonymous4:41 AM

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