the story of my "wedding rings", per se

I cannot believe that next month, my sweetie and I will have been married for five whole, wonderful years. Life really does fly by, especially when you are madly in love and having boatloads of fun........

During the last month of my pregnancy, I could not fit both of my rings on my finger. I would wear my engagement ring, and being the stubborn girl I am, I would occasionally try to jam on my wedding band as well. Well, on the many occasions that I could not get the wedding band to fit, I would lay it down on my sink counter, or on my telephone book stand, or on my dresser. {Because being the non-strategically-organized person that I am, I didn't have a "place" for my poor neglected ring. I know mom, I can hear you sighing from here, I think.} I last remembered seeing it on my telephone book stand.......

About four to five weeks after Graeme was born, I started getting highly concerned about my wedding band. I thought that it would have surely shown itself by now. I looked behind the telephone stand, several times, and then, one day, moved the entire thing and emptied out it's contents, thinking for sure that I would find my ring.

Two months, three months, four months later, and still no ring.

Then one day, I was cleaning out my bottom drawer in my kitchen. I lifted out stacks of white linen napkins, Christmas tablecloths, and mom's hand-me-down aprons that I love. I removed several silver julep cups that needed polishing and a few candle holders that needed a wash. And then, I saw it, my wedding band. Way back in the corner of my drawer, neatly placed in the bottom of a tea-light holder. "How did it get there?", I said out loud. Ah, and then I remembered, a tiny little friend of mine had been over and I am pretty sure they might have played hide-and-go-seek with my wedding band, but forgot about the go-seek part. *wink, wink.

By now, I had gotten used to wearing two fake wedding bands with my ring, and had gotten so many compliments on them, that I continued to wear them. I did, however, keep my real wedding band in a safe place.

Fast forward to this past week where I was visiting my parents in California for their retirement ceremony. Now, this gets a bit personal. I always take off my rings when I wash my hands because I hate the feeling of water underneath them. So, I flushed the toilet, took off my rings, and lo and behold, one went bouncing--bounced right off of the toilet, fell in, and whoosh, down it went, right as the toilet finished flushing. I stood there, in shock, not brave enough to look at which of the three had just gotten flushed. Phew, it was one of the fakes. I proceeded to walk into the kitchen and tell my family that I had just flushed my ring down the toilet. They were quite relieved to hear that it was not my diamond. Steve was rather happy about that fact also, when I relayed the story to him over the phone;-)

And so, here I sit, happily typing away with my real wedding band and engagement ring snug on my finger. I do hope it shall be a long, long time {as in never} before I find myself again writing about lost or flushed-down-the-toilet rings..........

On that note, happy cinco de Mayo!


  1. Great story, Sarah! I love how you write!

    So...Adam and I were married for all of 2 weeks when we went to VA Beach for the first time after just moving here. A big wave came, he fell over, and never saw his wedding band again!!! It slid right off his finger and is probably on a beach in England by now! :)

  2. Classic...I wish Rob had that good of a story for not having his wedding band :) Anyways, glad you are safe and sound at home and with your rings on!

  3. I sighed a sigh of relief for you when you revealed that you had NOT flushed your lovely diamond down the potty! :) Whew! :) Now your rings are reunited... Sweet :)

  4. As always you have a great way with words and discriptions! So glad you have both your wedding rings!

  5. Yay, Sarah, wearing your ring again! Even when I got down to my pre-pg weight I still could not wear my rings. My feet and fingers, to this day, are 1.5 sizes bigger and I am sure they will stay that way no matter how skinny I get. Totally worth it though.

    I was heart-sick reading about the flushing incident. I did the exact same thing at age 17 with my then boyfriend's gold bracelet from Italy that his parents bought and had engraved when he was born!!! I wasn't so fortunate but, lest he think I was trying to steal it, I replaced it with some American junk gold, not that good and lovely 18K Italian stuff :(

  6. Danielle and Jules....
    what are we going to do with your husbands?! ;-)

    Sue--oh my! I'm sure you felt terribly bad about that one! Hopefully his parents never found out! ;-)


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