tissue paper, scissors, + newspaper = treats

yesterday, I got the tissue-paper-pouf bug.......
I had been wanting to make some for Graeme's room ever since I made them for a friend's shower a few months back. And then, when I saw some made out of newspaper at my sister's Knack Shindig, I was even more determined to get them done and hung.
I love them--they are so easy and add so much funness to G's room.
{p.s. I think he loves them too--I've caught him staring at them several times}


  1. I love them....love them! I want to see a photo of the whole room :)


  2. You make me laugh! You definitely have the "b..b..b" sound down. Graeme's doing well, too! :)

    I can't tell the proportion of the pouf balls from the video. Are they close to you and smaller or further away and large?

  3. Where do you get all your idea's from?

  4. M--haha! yes, the next video i post, i think i will be silent;-) i'm such a nerd! the poms are a pretty decent size--they are about 8 ft away from me in the video. I think most of them, with the exception of the small one on the top left, are about 16" in diameter. They're super easy--your girls would probably love making them!

    C--here's the link to where I saw the idea, martha stewart.......


    they're super easy! i recommend them! ;-)

  5. These are so cute! I HAVE to make some!!!!!

  6. oh my. oh my. oh my.
    I think I'd like those for MY room!!!
    they are SO delicious!!!!!
    I just "pawned" a similar paper flower for free from a local shop (quite sure it was from all my swooning) and she made them out of coffee filters. some had some gently gold spray painted newspaper tucked in also. they are amazing and I am wanting to recreate them..... but these...with all the gorgeous tissue paper out there...especially at Christmas time....

    ok. better stop dreaming. great job.
    (just can't see the video? will try again later...)

    over & out.

    p.s. never realized, until you're "25" post-that we both have the 9 in our last name. ha. what a coinkidink. and haven't used that word in 4ever!

  7. Erin--ohmy! you will have to share when you recreate the coffee filter ones....... they sound perfect!

    hehe about the 9 thing--never thought about that either.... another thing that makes us buds;-)

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