Treasure Island.........

is a treasure indeed..........
so glad that my sweetie discovered this little exit years ago.
we had magical weather in san francisco this past week, that is for sure.
you probably can taste the salt water and feel the sunshine through this picture, yes?


  1. Yes! Great pictures, Sarah! Was so good to see you and your little guy last week. . .even though it was just a brief time.

  2. good to see you too, Amy.....
    sorry I had to run afterwards. I got home and realized that I think I only got to talk to all of 3 people after the dinner! bedtime was calling Graeme's name though--he was 2 hours overdue;-)

    next time we come down, in July, we'll have to get together again--I need to meet Jordan!

  3. That's okay, I understand about bedtime. I think we pushed it a little too much for poor Jordan that night. He did NOT sleep well. . .I guess he was too wound up from all the fun in the nursery!

    Yes, please let me know your travel plans when you know them. I sure would love for you to meet Jordan, too. If you are driving, we could even meet you in Ukiah or Williams. . .depending on which way you drive. . .or if we'll be down in the Bay, we can see you down there.


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