twenty five.

1. currently reading A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken and A Praying Life by Paul Miller
2. someday, i will go on a cruise to Alaska with my sweetie
3. the sleeve on my starbucks cup must be perfectly matched up to hole on the lid before I take a sip
4. i make my own chai at home, for the most part, but usually drink it from a starbucks cup because it truly tastes better to me that way
5. i just laughed, out loud, at myself for actually writing out, and admitting to, number 4
6. i wished i lived closer to my cousins, second cousins, and family in general; they are extremely cool people {one of which tagged me for this assignment}
7. when i first heard my husband's last name, {we met at a camp in california and i heard his last name called across the soccer field} i thought, "i can never marry him--his last name is so weird!"
8. so happy that I got over my ridiculousness and married the best man ever.......
we celebrate five years next month..............
9. will, however, teach G that when he wants a shortcut for our last name, he can spell it Bray9. not Bra-9, as his daddy did in grade-school
10. yes, Steve and I still giggle about that today
11. when i was 3 i had surgery for a lazy eye and was told that i would never be able to wear contacts--only glasses. hallelujah, the Lord gave us an incredible doctor and i was able to wear contacts by junior high. thank goodness, because, well, wow! those 80's glasses were rough.
12. really. rough. {i.e. my parents gave me a box full of stuff from my younger years and my husband was giddy when he found a pair of my old granny glasses. fantastic. absolutely fantastic.}
13. i cannot hear well when I don't have my glasses/contacts on
14. i love my husband, Steve, and the sweet little guy in the video below............
15. i want to have my own flower+gift shoppe/piano studio someday
16. i love to give and receive gifts that have lots of sentimental value
17. we don't own a television and we pretty much want to keep it that way
18. love the sound of the rain--which is good, since I live in Oregon........
still am not tired of it {one year down;-)}
19. i crave the Spirit's working in my life
20. i miss teaching piano to sweet little kiddos
21. i've been thinking about Graeme's first birthday party for months
22. i love to ride motorcycles
{yes, dad, I always wear a helmet}
23. i never wear colored nail polish on my fingers, but never go out without it on my toes
24. i want to be found more on my knees, i want to listen more and speak less, i want to trust completely and love wholly, i want to live with no regrets, i want to spend and be spent........
25. i love to garden, thrift, and photograph with my mister nikon d5000

p.s. I don't often tag people, but I am tagging the following two people, because I want to know more about them and, well, truthbetold, it is time for a new blog post from both of them;-)
miss Erin and miss Lisa.......
and, for good measure,
I'm throwing in one more,
my sister,
because I know her list will be hilarious.............
can't wait to see your post, pals!
{it can be a collection of dreams, goals, and facts}


  1. Well, Graeme, the gymnast! Love your list!

  2. Great post, my friend! Maybe we can combine retail space for my thrift/consignment shop & your flower shoppe! =)

  3. and why wasn't anything mentioned about those adorable-gymnast-like pj's? And why are chubby legs so adorable [only] on little babies? :) I accept the challenge. Thinking.....thinking.... :) And *hint* well taken. ;)

  4. I smiled with number 4
    I love thrifting as well.
    I too like the rain.
    and now two questions.
    Why don't you teach piano anymore?
    and Why don't you paint your fingernails?

  5. L--how fun! I like that thought;-)

    E--heehee! those adorable gymnast-like pjs are just baby gap too-tight-pjs;-) steve and I thought that they really did look like leotards on the video;-)......

    so glad that you are up to the challenge, because I know your list will be fun, fun, fun;-)

    C-we need to go thrifting together sometime! ;-) I don't teach piano right now because of apartment living....and also just enjoying time with Graeme, but I hope to pick teaching back up within the next year..... although, who knows, baby number two might come along and then I'll wait some more;-) i just don't like a color on my fingernails....i don't know why....i'm just plain jane that way.... but love a great color for my tosies;-)

  6. Stephen Branine3:56 PM

    Love the list, but I don't giggle and I might like a tv for sports and a few other things. I love #19 and #24, and can't wait to do #2 and #22.

    Love you sweet girl.


  7. for some reason I cannot picture you on a motorcycle. :)
    fun list though, I enjoyed reading it!

  8. I think you should open an online piano studio. We have some potential students :-).

  9. ok. I've been thinking about and looking forward to your #21 for some time now! I KNOW it will be so great!

  10. babe--
    okay, so maybe you don't exactly giggle. maybe chuckle would have been a better word choice;-) nah, I like the mental picture of you giggling better;-)

    kelly--i really do ride them, i promise;-) we have a couple in our church that rides and want to give me a ride--i will take a picture for you;-)

    m--or, you could just move here--that would make it very easy. however, i believe your kiddos have surpassed me;-)

    B-I might have to consult you for the big birthday;-)

  11. oh how I love this list!!! It's great.

    I line up my starbucks sleeve, as well. :)


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