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on Monday, we ventured out to Multnomah Falls, pictured in the post below. It was a beautiful day. The weather had actually called for showers and clouds, but instead we were given a stretch of sunlight and warm breezes.

We had planned to head out at about 1:30p.m. Graeme would have already had his lunch and would hopefully snatch a nap on the way. Amazingly, we stepped out the door just a few minutes past one o'clock. Leaving early is a momentous occasion around here;-)

We gathered up our stuff and headed out the door. "Our stuff" included a packed lunch to eat on the way, mister Nikon, Graemie's umbrella stroller, the diaper bag, hats and jackets, an umbrella, and mister Graeme himself in his car-seat. We had our arms full, and as Steve stepped across the doorway, he looked back at me and said with a grin, "who do we think we are? parents? look at all of this stuff!"

What he could not see, was the large sticker that had found it's way onto the back of his shirt. I caught a glimpse of it right as he was talking, and I got so tickled, I could barely tell him why I was laughing. As I stood there peeling off the "diminish your wrinkles.......feel young..........refresh your skin........." sticker, from a sample of face cream I had received in the mail, I couldn't help but chuckle.

Yep, we're parents.
We haul a whole lot more stuff around than we did a few months ago...........
It's worth every haul, though.
Please feel free to grab our attention if you site us with toilet paper attached to our shoes, stickers stuck to our outfits, or salad stuck between our teeth.........
it's probably just that we are too busy hauling all of our stuff around to notice;-)
*wink wink


  1. sarah- hahaha... hilarious! I just saw your msg back to me: I hope you don't mind if in the mean time I just pretend we're friends anyway! :)

  2. B-definitely! it's funny.....
    i think of you and erin neiner as my "good friends" and we haven't even met in person yet;-)


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