*wink wink

i had to chuckle when i realized the color combinations that i sported last evening as i came out of the fabric store.
i love my orange jacket,
and i really do love this mustard colored fleece,
but wowsers, what a combination the two make together............
1960's here i come
{or was that the 70's?}
i'm excited about my plans for this fleece,
i hope it's just as excited and will cooperate with me!
i'm planning on using an old blanket and this fleece to make a slip cover for our down comforter............
wish me luck!


  1. - just wanted to say I'm "Copying" your cool LinkWithin Widget. Isn't there some quote about copying being a form of flattery? I love your blog & just want to be cool like you :) Hope you have a fab day!

  2. i kinda like that yellow fleece and the orange juxtaposed against each other. the combo is bright and cheery!! :)

  3. Can't wait to see it....and don't worry, I think you have great style :)

  4. katie--thanks friend;-) yep, i copied someone else, so copy away! ;-) so excited about your move to Boston!!!

    Alfie--thanks for stopping by and thanks for the encouragement;-) hope that my little project turns out. if not, i could always make myself a scarf for my orange jacket;-)

    jules--my serger came today! sad news though, I think it has an issue and must be exchanged;-( i was SO bummed!

  5. update: serger works great......
    user error! ;-)


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