one month for each roll on those chubby legs, i do believe.
oh how we love him.......
happy nine months,
sweet baby boy.
mama loves you.
( tons )


  1. I can't believe Graeme is already 9 months old! I love those jumperoo things. I love to watch Asher enjoy the standing one I got at a yard sale!

  2. Wow- happy NINE, Gbaby! You just keep getting cuter... you're now in the running to marry either one of my daughters, as long as we can fend off the other competition. :)

  3. I cannot believe he is already 9 months old! Happy 9 months old Graeme! Can't wait to see you in October :)

  4. justin, jake and jenna's mom6:06 AM

    Aww! He's growing up too fast!! Can't believe his birthday will be here that soon. Looks like he's enjoying his jumper swing :)


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